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Fancy Fast Foods

In Fine Dining on July 1, 2009 at 5:13 pm


Spicy Chicken Sushi (Fancy Popeyes Chicken)

Aside from the occasional, random health food kick, I’ve always been an adamant supporter of fast food. Its not because its cheap, or delicious, or convenient. Its because its cheap, delicious, and convenient. But girls are always like “ehhh, I want to be treated like a lady and eat off of a square plate.”

With just a little bit of extra preparation, you can keep a #5 from looking like a #2. Trash the wrapper, eat half the serving when she’s not looking, rearrange what’s left on your fancy square plate, then sprinkle something on top that’s the opposite color – BAM! Your eyes’ mouths will be watering in no time. And so will your lady’s.

I’d have capitalized on this and made a cookbook myself, but I was too busy romancifying.

Fancyfastfood.com can have this one.



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