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Gothic Public Access

In interweb on April 22, 2009 at 3:51 pm


I’ve had many ideas for TV shows over the years. Back in ’96 I had this idea about a Greyhound bus crashing at a deserted Jack-in-the-Box. The survivors would be forced to deal with the ever-growing mystery of the Jack-in-the-Box and strange connections would be revealed through their flashbacks. In ’89 I wrote a treatment for the adaptation of the X-Men comic book, a world where ordinary people suddenly gained extraordinary powers and were eventually hunted down because they were different. But someone beat me to it. I won’t even go into my idea of Clogging with the Stars.

None of those ideas compared to what I considered a masterstroke of genius in public broadcasting. I was going to commission my mom to host a talk show that would showcase the highest caliber of goth poets, wordsmiths and lyricists. Once again, I’ve acted too slow and someone has beaten me to it:


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