A selection of amazing things that we were going to do

Eff You Thru You

In Music Videos on March 11, 2009 at 8:08 pm

RATING: 9/10


For the inaugural I-was-gonna-do-that gripe, we’ve found something special. Special, because someone did something that we were totally going to do. Like, totally. It was planned. In the pipeline, ready to go, just as soon as we finished the Jay Z vs Christian Bale album.
Israeli Youtuber, Kutiman, just released his first album, Thru You, spliced entirely from Youtube videos. The music stands well on its own, but with the clever gimmick, its magic. Magic stolen from the subliminal depths of our minds.

We would have had more chimpanzees on Segways in ours, but not bad Kutiman, not bad.


  1. […] I missed my chance on the whole “cutting youtube videos together to make music” thing. I admit I should have acted on it sooner. But I was literally about to hit the submit […]

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